The Author

1960: Fiat lux.
1967/68: By the end of the school year, a substitute teacher reads aloud Robinson Crusoe, it’s an immediate revelation: “I want to write”.
May 1968: No barricades, nor riots in Montréjeau, Haute-Garonne.
1969: Invent a game for the school playground called “the crawler”: immediate success.
1970: Reading of Bob Morane, Tintin, the Yellow M, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Jules Verne, Lucky Luke, The Katzenjammer Kids, first comics, first texts.
1974: San Antonio, The Great Meaulnes, H.G. Wells.
1976: Isaac Asimov, Philippe Druillet, Moebius, Philippe K. Dick, Conan Doyle, Charlie Hebdo. Kill my first victim (made of paper).
1979/1980: First rock concert: ACDC at Muret, Toulouse’s suburbs, with Bon Scott.
1981: Like Diogenes inside his barrel, observe with caution the popular jubilation, having read Camus, Pasolini and some other. Read William Styron, Grass, Thomas Bernhard.
1982: Inside my bags, already tens of texts typed on the writing machine, go to Spain in a Kerouac-style: sex, drugs & San Miguel. I never totally recovered from it. Read Camilo José, Cela, Sabato, Ortega y Gasset, Neruda, Cervantes.
1984: Turn up in Paris. Read John Le Carré, Ellroy and Liberman. Join the Customs.
2011: publication of The Frozen Dead. Another life begins…