The Frozen Dead

In December 2008, in a valley deep in the Great Pyrenees, the employees of a hydroelectric plant discover, on their way into work, the headless corpse of a horse, suspended on the frozen face of a cliff.
On the same day, a young psychiatrist starts her first job at a secure psychiatric facility overlooking the valley.

Captain Servaz, a 40-year-old hypochondriac who always goes with his gut, is in charge of the investigation, the strangest of his career to date. Why kill a horse at such a high altitude of 2000m? Is this the beginning of a nightmare for the Captain?

Oppressive atmosphere, a suspenseful plotline, a relentless foray into our deepest, darkest fears: this debut novel is a revelation!

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What the press
is saying

"Bernard Minier signed a very original first novel. Suspense… and shivers guaranteed." Elle

"Not a moment of rest, neither for the characters nor for us. Boiling hot, Iced is a success." Le Point

"The writing is razor sharp and nothing goes to waste. Enough to make other authors jealous." Femme Actuelle

"A great story-telling with a creeping sense of dread that would not disgrace Stephen King at his best." Daily Mail (UK)

"Revenge is at the heart of this clever mystery, which involves a plot as cold-blooded as the slaving of the horse." Sunday Times (UK)

"A masterpiece." Baden Journal (Germany)

"A high-altitude thriller." Kirkus (US)

"Minier’s assured debut adroitly combines a genuinely creepy series of crimes, a literary chilling atmosphere and a dogged detective." Publishers Weekly (US)

"An amazing story. " La Vanguardia (Spain)

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