A Hell of A Story

A new nightmare begins!

Bernard Minier invites himself into your nights.

“I will never go back to the island. Even if Jennifer Lawrence herself came to my door and begged me to go back, I wouldn’t do it.
I might as well tell you right away: what I am going to tell you will seem incredible. This isn’t an ordinary story, I told him.

That is for sure. It is a hell of a story. Yeah…a hell of a story….

Now a visual to put you, as we say, in the mood: a hand emerges from the deep, reaching towards the sky, pale, fingers spread, before finally sinking into the sea. The sea wind howling around me, the rain and the sea spray stinging me as I swim away from this spectral hand – as I swim, or try to swim, being lifted, carried by the waves, the three meter dips, the foaming crests, toward the tip of the island, coughing, gasping and shivering -half drowned.”

Temporarily abandoning the commander Martin Servaz, Bernard Minier delves into a universe where danger is not where we think and intimacy is an illusion… he brilliantly tells us a dark and tension filled story… A Hell of a Story.

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What the press is saying

“A very gripping book until the very end.” Le Point

“A surprising crime novel taking place in the facinating setting of the Pacific coast forests in North America.” France Info

“A murder, an investigation, suspicions,  characters on the edge of the abyss… Minier has again a damned well structured plot.”  Le Parisien